So Nasty: Wendy’s Employee Takes Bath in Restaurant Kitchen Sink [Video]

Posted On : May 28, 2019

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This Wendy’s employee gets caught in a prank gone-wrong after taking a bath in the restaurant’s kitchen sink. Once the video goes viral, he loses his job.

My Black people…we have to cut out this kind of foolery. Why risk losing your bag over “likes”? That’s essentially what this young man has done. According to Northwest Florida Daily News, the Wendy’s employee was recorded on video at a restaurant location in Milton, Florida.

The source mentions that the Wendy’s employee stripped down to his shorts and was encouraged by other co-workers. In the video, you can hear them hyping up the Wendy’s employee to “take a bath” and “wash your armpits” in the kitchen sink.

The controversial clip went viral shortly after it was posted by Haley Leach, on Tuesday, May 21. She saved the moment via Snapchat, according to Northwest Florida Daily News. Leach claims to know one of the Wendy’s employees from high school, and she says she posted the video because the public has a right to know.

Here’s Video Of What Happened In The Kitchen Sink>>>