Tiger Woods Responds After Being Named In Wrongful Death Lawsuit From Family Of His Employee

Posted On : May 14, 2019

When Tiger Woods recently took home the top prize after winning the Masters Tournament last month he had every bit of reason to celebrate the accomplishment. However, he probably wasn’t expecting to have to deal with an impending legal issue that’s been brewing in the background since December of last year. Now he’s being implemented in a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of one of his employees.

Alcohol Played A Role

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Tiger and his girlfriend Erica Herman are the joint owners of a restaurant called The Woods Jupiter in Jupiter, Florida and on December 10 2018 one of his employees, bartender Nicholas Immesberger, was killed in a single vheicle drunk driving accident after leaving the establishment. Tiger, The Woods Jupiter and Erica Herman (The Woods Jupiter’s general manager who hired Immesberger) have all been named as defendants in the lawsuit because at the time of his death Immesberger’s blood alcohol level was .256 which is more than triple the legal limit of .08.  His family names Tiger in the suit specifically because they believe he was aware of Immesberger’s troubles with alcohol and turned a blind eye to the fact that he would drink after, and sometimes during, his shifts to excess. And that’s not all. The Jasmine Brand reports;

They also claim Woodsand his girlfriend were drinking with Immesberger just a couple of nights before the fateful accident. Woodsand Herman had just returned from a vacation in Australia on December 7, 2018, just three days before the crash. Still, there are no reports that say Woodsand Herman were at the restaurant on the night of the incident.

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